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My son wanted a leather jacket like Indiana Jones' for Christmas. Every family member (grandparents, aunts, get the idea) looked for something close. We finally found one on the internet at a place called US Wings. It was over $400, but its for Christmas, right?

It is now February, and the jacket is beginning to tear in the pocket area. I called customer service and received instruction to return it so they could look at it. I received the jacket back the same week without any notification from them, and there was a letter in the box stated that I should take the jacket to a shoe repair place to get it fixed. Yeah, right!

I called and talked with General Manager Mike. He said, upon inspection of the jacket, they assumed that since there was so many blood stains that obviously someone had been in a fight while wearing the jacket. One excuse is as good as another. There was, of course, no blood stains on the jacket.....maybe soda or rain spots, but not blood. I wasn't looking for US Wings to clean the jacket, just stand behind their very expensive products.

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I bought a US Wings jacket in 2008 that is superb quality and still going strong six years later. I recently bought a Chinese-made US Wings jacket (on eBay) that was of very poor quality.

I think there is a huge difference between the US and Chinese made versions. Recommend a buyer either buy the US version or something else.


On December 3rd, 2009, Ms. Carolyn Wilson, placed an order with US Wings for a Vintage Cowhide Indy-style jacket.

Her order was processed and shipped. On February 17th, 2010, Ms. Wilson contacted US Wings, via telephone, and stated the jacket was bought for her son as a Christmas gift and the pocket was tearing. We advised Ms.

Wilson to send the jacket back to us for inspection. We received the jacket on February 24th, 2010 and it was clear the jacket had gone through more than normal wear and tear. There were several red and yellow stains throughout the inside and outside of the jacket, the pocket was tearing from someone forcing their hands or heavy objects in them and the collar of the jacket was stained with cologne or aftershave.

On February 26th, 2010, our General Manager, Myke, called Ms. Wilson to inform her the jacket was coming back and she could have the tear repaired by a local shoe repair or tailor if she would like.

Ms. Wilson admitted there were stains on the jacket, and it was used, but insisted we send new a brand new jacket.

We advised her; we stand behind our products however, we felt the tear in the pocket was due to extreme force and not a defect. We sent the jacket back to her the same day.

to US Wings #823458

I have a question for the consumer. How old is your son?

It sounds to me and the consumer admits there was something spilled on the jacket that your son probably isn't mature enough for a $400.00 jacket. Pocket ripped?

What the *** was your son doing with the jacket jumping over barbed wire fences? Even a cheap jacket from Kmart won't start tearing at the pockets unless it is not being taken care of, I find your complaint ridiculous.

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